Monday, February 21, 2011

R&b Songs For A Retirement Party

The Middle East explodes and the Benz always more expensive

After Egypt and Tunisia, Libya is now to be the scene of violent riots. The people, tired of regimes, dictators and comic-opera characters, is screaming that they can not anymore. The best response that our government can give? Here it is: "Violence is unacceptable . But who said the same words with the same strength, when Qaddafi and his henchmen were those who expressed opposition to disappear dictatorship? Where were these same people, always ready to side with the powerful and kiss his hands, when it was evident that the fundamental human rights were trampled? They were hiding in the best salons, among big smiles and hugs, protected by security cordons. That's where they were, as always in history. Today
screams scandal, more in Libya and Egypt, because Libya is a land of conquest for Italy. And I'm not referring to the ridiculous attempts of the colonial dream of the Duce, who has brought only death and despair, but of large private and state enterprises, which in Libya build roads, infrastructure, oil wells and sell boats and patrol boats. Here then is that the rights of the People, as always, falling in second place to the interests of the Exchange. We say " gasoline prices rise further, because Libya is Revolution." As if to say " see what happens if you complain, if you raise your head? The system will bar even further."
Then head down and work with the dream of one day being able to buy the biggest car without a mortgage bank.
But I say it just is good for the people to protest, even violently, if necessary. Our grandparents would not partisans liberated Italy, unfortunately, never without his rifle. This does not justify excesses, but most are not even willing to accept the blackmail: If gasoline is too expensive I'll go by bike, sooner or later the oil will end.



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