Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Do I Masterbate When I'm In My Period

Why continue to tolerate?

Really, Italian, why continue as nothing had? As if your Premier, democratically elected of course, is not only a vile little man devoted to the interests (and fun) private? "Why as if he were not there would be another ? this is what you think? You become so buried in cynicism, that you do not want to raise their head in a gesture of pride? Certainly it is easy to think that anything will change, and then all the better, too bad.
So, to change things you have to speak, one must ask, ask yourself the probemi, and it seems those who struggles to make ends meet has more to think about. Legitimate. But this is Italy, which want to give your child? Are not you ashamed? After all he is the son of your system and you have been shaped, in twenty years, from his own.
Last week the New York Times has opened an interesting online forums, in which you asked the question: "Why do Italians cotinuano Berlusconi to tolerate? . "They were asked to write their views on a variety of professionals, from psychologists to political scientists, economists and journalists through, most Italians. The common argument is that, despite the Italian people will have the full boxes, Berlusconi holds the power because it satisfies the lobby. Industrialists, first, with tax relief and subsidies, and then half the rich men of the country, with decriminalization and tax amnesties, not least the Vatican, delivering more and more money to private schools.
My theory, however, is unfortunately another: the Italians are not really sick of Berlusconi, because the Italians having to break pose problems and questions on the future, Italians prefer to complain about every day, but knowing that their problems are always the same, in a comforting daily life, rather than having affronatre the unknown of tomorrow. Italians like to delegate their own choices and decisions, and voting is only the expression of this sentiment, not a moment to really determine who will lead the country, but only an opportunity for delegates to full-time, so you can remove the brain and think about something else.
How sad.
Luckily, and this is the only positive note, a good slice of the Italian people has really filled cans. Serve? Greetings


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